Welcome to Holographic / Epos / IG Recording


For the past fifteen years, Holographic records has been bringing you the best in hard pumping beats. With over 90 releases now, ranging from funk, latin, deep, tech and dub house.


The founder and primary artist of this independent Belgian label is Olvier Abbeloos. Known to many as Conga Squad, Abbeloos also produces under names such as C-Mos, The Demolator, Goldbumpers, Dynetic, Cloud 9, Nu-Matic, Bio-nic, Inferno, Quadrophonia, T99, Kretek, Random Generator, Vortex, Warp Factor One, Trigger, Neon, QA 0-127, Destroyer, The Beat Machine........
Olivier is active as composer, producer, DJ, remixer.



Over the years, this house master has developed a signature sound that is unlike no other in the house scene. Not only a successful music producer, Abbeloos is also a DJ with 30 years of experience. He has performed all over the world and has residencies in his home country of Belgium.


Futhermore, Holographic is proud to present its new sublabels "EPOS" (Earth Parking Orbit Station) & IG Recording. It will bring you a more futuristic sound while keeping the Holographic touch.



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