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Some reactions / reviews :

Graphic056 : CONGA SQUAD (I'm hot for you)
(promotion by Holographic)

Ron Carroll : great track
Stonebridge : I really like it and it reminds me a bit of Cloud9 which I also love!
Mark Brown (CR2 Records) : will be playing.
Jerry Bouthier (Buzz chart compiler Update, Notion, M8 & QX mags) : very decent funky stuff - Belgium rules at the moment
Marco Smith (TTR Magazine) : dropped the track last weekend and it went down a storm full backing on this one the c- mos dub and the pollux's dub both do the damage will chart and review 10-10
Russell Pollitt (Unique) : More excellent C-Mos work with the Dub Invasion being my personal pick on here... all mixes are strong, but this edges it!
Nice accapella too...always useful these! 8/10
DJ Dan (USA) : I played the c-mos mix and it absolutely rocked the floor on Saturday. A real winner!
Bad Boy Bill (USA) : Please keep the music coming!
Jim Ryan (miss-moneypennys) : chart nr 3, 8/10 Funky Sexy Track will support.
Reza : it's a cool track and i will support 7/10. will also make sure we stock it in our shop, massive records (birmingham)
Kev Hill : this will do very well .... In the show on Saturday coming in and hyped at 10/50 in the week
Stefano / Mix2inside : 8/10 really good project, from next week including in our top chart
Curtis Zack : 8/10, coolcuts chart nr 5 + Blues and Soul review
Paul Farris : I really, really liked the riff.


EPOS007 : BIO-NIC (My mission)

Look for this one on upcoming HED KANDI compilation.

If you like Cloud 9 "How shall I rock thee" and C-Mos "2 Million Ways", compiled on Defected, Ministry, Hed Kandi then you'll definitely like this one too.

Supported by :
Tom De Neef : great track, did a remix
Lewis Dene : Another strong cut-up from C-Mos' camp
Tim @ Skint : like it, should do well
Brian Cheetham (Ministry of sound radio) : Love this track, its on my Radio shows and In my clubs Sets.
Has the potential to be a commercial hit also I think.
Excellent production and the most original track I have heard from Abbeloss, I think he has found his sound!
Marc Hughes (Ministry Of Sound Resident) : Its the original mix for me here... Love the string line with the driving
bass.. Sounding good in the clubs..
Mark Anthony (Karma, Rossetti, bVelvet, Velvet) : I love this stuff!!! Great use of the string section.. Sounds very similar to C-Mos productions (aka 2 Million Ways on Manifesto).. I love it!!! The way it builds is just beautiful....
Ki Creighton (club concrete, masqueb theatre, vaults/venue) 9/10 been a big fan of this label for some time, this just grooves along and sets a right old stir on the floor! property for me!
KEV HILL 9/10 Excellent groove, bang on the button in my book. In the show already and majorly hyped. Yeah, a cracker!
Richard Wakely (Gatecrasher One, Heaven, London Venues, Ministry Of Sound, Mission) 8/10 really strong track this.....very impressed. Will be supporting heavily. High chart position as well. Love it
Curtis Zack (Mission, Paradise) : 7/10
Jim Ryan : String fuelled disco vibe 7/10
Paul Hillyer (Southern FM) Useful DJ tool for the sets. On the shows too


Graphic053 : CONGA SQUAD (All of the time)

(promoted by FourFourPromotions)

Roger Sanchez : release yourself radio show 162 : hot release
Roger Sanchez : release yourself radio show 164
Roger Sanchez : release yourself radio show 165

Hype Chart
Issue #379 #21 “Belgian label letting rip with this Donna Summer sampler beaten up by Conga Squad. Hard to say no.”

Reviews :

Marco Smith (TTR Magazine)
Next up is the conga squad track All of the time with vocals supplied by Mamidoo and the ever reliable production talents of Olivier this is the big one nice pumping disco sound that sits nicely in my sets now the dub comes in a sort of junior jack / kid crème style with an „I feel love‰ bass line which is totally pumping but once again the original is my choice big disco drenched love affair that just captures the floor there is also a couple of tools on this that are very handy once again the holographic label deliver the goods I am backing these all the way and are definetly in the box 10-10

Reactions :

Rob Roar (Phonetic) : i'll be playing this out in the clubs.
Huggy : I really like it and will spin it on my radio show and in my club sets 8/10
Steve Stimpson : its amazing!!!
Curtis Zack : 8/10 Good main room stuff
DJ Dan : I love it and I have played the shit out of it.
Stonebridge : Love it, especially the dub!Matteo Esse (Solsonik) – 8/10 “A very effective party House groover for those Saturday night moments. It's all about the "Feel Love" sampling bassline!”
DJ Speed Demon : This is a smoking hot house track. I think it's CMOS' best one yet! It kicks so well with a Moroder-like bassline and interesting female vocal. She has a strong accent. Mamidoo works the crowd with her demands. Olivier does great justice to the dancefloor with this new stomper that simply works wonders on the floor. Well Done!
Jason Herd – 9/10 “A peak time monster for me. Goes right off.”
Sharp Boys – 9/10 “Love it to death and going down a treat!”
CJ Mackintosh – “Sorry, I’m not feeling this.”
Tom Wainwright – 5/10 “No disco drama, not vintage C-Mos though.”
Conan (Liquid People) – 7/10 “Well produced as always but doesn’t quite have the edge for me.”
Kevin (M8 Editor) – “A1 and B1, both good tracks, really love this label's releases.”
Red Soul (Angel Deelite, Manchester) – 8/10 “Peak-time Donna Summer affair. For me its the Original mix that does it though. Sending the crowds wild!!!”
Paul Hillyer (Southern FM) – 8/10 “C-Mos dub works for me. Played it at Pacha last night and on the shows. Good stuff.”
Mark Anthony – 9/10 “Rocks big time! Massive dance floor fave!”
Warren Clarke – 8/10 “Great stuff.”
Niall Redmond (Nova FM) – “I’m not too keen on this one I’m afraid. Just not too into the same old Donna Summer bass line thing. It’s not bad, it’s just that there are better tracks around at the moment. Sorry.”
Mark (Slammin Boys) – 7/10 “It does what it says on the label, yowzers, took the roof off the Escape Club in Swansea.”
Russell Pollitt – 6/10 “I’m afraid the Donna Summer bassline has never been a fave of mine – sorry! Nice enough track, but not really my bag.”
Reza – 10/10 “I was blown away! Absolutely fantastic, will get a hammering from me!”
Ric Groves (Vibe 101 FM) – 9/10 “Tune! This is going to blow up. #2 in my chart – full support.”
Black Market – “OK. Definitely for the shop!”
Darren Gerhold – 10/10 “Massive tune! Massive breakdown. Wow!”
Danny Hird – 8/10 “A very consistent label, always guaranteed quality tracks!!! This is no exception, spot on!!! C Mos's Dub does it for me!!!”
DJ Bern (Escape, Swansea) – 7/10 “It has grown on me and worked well in the clubs over the weekend. The C-Mos Instrumental mix is the one doing it for me the most with its nice rolling groove.”
Guy Williams – 6/10 “Was quite excited to get this as I’ve really liked some of the past releases but this is a bit run of the mill and disappointing.”
Umberto Giannini (MOS Radio) – “Baaad indeed, I really love the Giorgio Moroder feel to it. Kick ass house!”
AJ (Beat 106 FM) – 9/10 “Disco style that will work in the clubs and on the show. I will hammer this one.”
Gerald Elms – 7/10 “Peak time and hooky. In the box.”


Graphic052 : PHILIP CORTEZ / C-MOS (Batu)

(promoted by FourFourPromotions)

Roger Sanchez : release yourself radio show 157, 16 Oct. 2004
Roger Sanchez : release yourself radio show 155, 02 Oct. 2004
Hot release : Philip Cortez / Batu (C-MOS)

Reviews :

“Head straight for the “c-mos extended adventure” remix for a journey into all things thumping and pumping. Hard edged pounding beats make way to tribal edged drums and a twisted warped out baseline. Then out of the blue the break gives us a piano led afro vocal destroyer that turns itself inside out and heads down a latin trumpet led path pure class. C-mos is in charge of the remix business on side two with the original and a dub but the a side edit is defiantly the one getting the props this end.” Ki Creighton

Update, Issue #299 Trainspotting
“I’ve been playing music by Abbeloos Olivier for some fourteen years now and I’m still not tired of his production. This is a great latino vibed tune with infectious chants, top quality percussion and a very familiar piano hook. This has been doing big things in my Barcardi B-Bar sets.” Reza

The Vinyl Frontier, 17 Sept
“Philip Cortez was responsible for the Brazilian flavoured percussion on E-Samba, Junior Jack's huge track from summer 2003. On this new track, Philip Cortez collaborates with C-Mos, and has once again proved that he is a hugely talented percussionist. All the mixes are great, but the 'Extended Adventure Mix' is the best. It's heavily Latin-flavoured, featuring samba style trumpets alongside carnival-esque keys and a catchy African tribal chant. There's enough energy in this track to fire up just about any party!” Keith Neal, 9/10

Blues & Soul Issue #929
“Philip Cortez was the man responsible for the percussion on Junior Jack’s worldwide smash E-Samba, and after one listen to ‘Batu’, it’s easy to see the similarities. To be fair though this is much more than an attempt to recreate the track for 2004. The percussion and the vocals bear a slight resemblance, but with a piano line that draws its inspiration from Galaxy’s 1978 release ‘War’ this is strong enough to gain plays on it’s own merit.” Curtis Zack, 4/5

DJ Mag Issue #375 #10 “Percussive grower from Mr E-Samba.”


Robert Graf – 10/10 “The track is very very good - one of my top 5 of course - very nice latin track.”
Brian Tappert – “Wow! This is really f&*king hot. I like it very much and will support.”
Greg Dealer – “All mixes sound good but I am leaning towards C-Mos Original Adventure as my favourite on first listen. I will definitely play at next gig.”
Hott 22 – “One of my favorite Holographic records to date. With the end of summer drawing near this record delivers a strong percussive rhythm accompanied by an ultra sultry summer vocal. Wont be leaving my box anytime soon. Will be played on upcoming radio show.”
Joan Ribas – “I play it the same night at Pacha funky room and it works good!!. Nice funky latin track. Congratulations.”Harj – 8/10 “Holographic serve up another slice of latin fiesta madness on wax.”
Ki Creighton – 9/10 “Hot stuff of which the Extended Adventure rocks hard!”
Al McKenzie – 8/10 “C-Mos are really having it at the moment and these mixes confirm this. The A-side is quality funky house stuff and I will cane in my funkier sets.”
Conan (Liquid People) – 7/10 “Good dancefloor filler.”
Redsoul – 9/10 “Now we’re talking! Peak-time latin house at its best.. Played this in every set since I got it. Play to over 1000 people going for it on the beach for maximum effect (as I did).”
Tom Stephan – “Not quite twisted enough for me I’m afraid.”
Dave Lambert – 10/10 “This will blow away my dance floors for a long time to come.”
Black Market – 7/10 “Always good to have a nice bit of Latin in the shop!”
Ric Groves (Vibe 101 FM) – 9/10 “Peak time party monster.”
Tom Wainwright – 6/10 “It has grown on me since first listen but I’m still not 100% convinced. Main Remix on A side my favourite.”
CJ Mackintosh – “Not into this – sorry.”
Nick Bridges – 8/10 “Wicked latino groove, it worked at Bar-M Ibiza last week. Essential new tune on radio show.”
Dean Facer – 9/10 “Cracking track, playing this a lot.”
DJ Bern (Escape, Swansea) – 8/10 “Nice peak time tune that works the floor well. Full Support from me.”
Kevin (M8 Ed) – “Best mix A, ok tune, just not got the right settings to really get into it just now.”
Ben Watt – 7/10 “Workable and nice tough afro-beat vibes. A few spins likely.”
Grayson Shipley (Deepgroove) – “Great version of an all time favorite – straight in the box.”
Reza – 9/10 “More top stuff from holographic, have been hammering this, wicked!”
Mark Anthony – 10/10 “Absolutely huge! What a middle of the night monster of a tune! Huge! In my chart at #2.”
Nico De Ceglia – “It will work in certain clubs not original enough for me I’m afraid.”
City Sounds – “Cool smooth beats.”
Curtis Zack – 9/10 “Awesome – simple as that!”
Ray Roc – “On the look out for this one.”


EP.05 - C-MOS (2 Million Ways)

(promoted by Power Promotions)

Specialist Radio Support :
- SEB FONTAINE : BBC RADIO ONE : Really strong A side. Definitely play on air !
- JUDGE JULES : BBC RADIO ONE : Fearured on air Sat. 17th April
- SHARP BOYS : Kiss 100/Orange/Fusion @ The Fridge) : Love it to death 8/10
- MALCOLM MacDONALD : Lochbroome FM : Featured on air, this is a real summer sounding tune both mixes of 2 million ways are superb.
- DAN MILLS : Essex FM/ Storm Nightclub : Best mix here is the original and the track is funky with jazz beats. Lovely imagine chilling out on holiday to this. I am featuring this on air.
- BARRY CHEYNE : Deveron FM/Essence/Love Distinction : 10/10 This is now gaining requests and I am featuring on air. This is a big tip for the big Summer tune. This will be heavily featured on my radio show in the coming months. Spot on !
- STEVE ELLIOT : Olympic Radio/Carlton Suite : 8/10 Funky percussive drive moment with an overall uplifting vibe. Dub only played to date on air and in clubs.
- LEE BUTLER – Radio City / Garlands : How funky is this … Real summer stuff .!!!REVIEWS :
- Dean Thatcher : 4**** Go straight for the “2 Million Ways Dub”, where C-Mos pile on the feelgood factor, as a string loop is filtered & layered, over a tight & funky percussive groove, complete with breakdowns & snatches of spoken vocal, for those memorable (or maybe not depending on your state of well being) holiday moments. You’re as likely to hear this on the beach as much as you are on the dancefloor. It comes complete with 3 tracks of DJ tools for all your skills with thrills merchants.
- Melvin Moore (Subliminal) : I will definitely give it support as a DJ.
- Owen (Coolcuts/Hype/Buzz charts) : Love it ... could be massive ... n°1 in my coolcuts, very hot. 10/10
- Russ Morgan (Various Nationwide) : sent the place ballistic when played. A big track that I will be hammering. 10/10
- James Blond : I love all the epos stuff & this is no exception, twisted n funky, the way I like it. 9/10
- Dave Clarke : 2 Million ways to use a tune like this, pick one !! 8/10 Chart 6
- Ewen MacNeil (Uptown) : A future anthem. I think this will stay around all summer. Chart 7
- Matt Le Funk (54 Below, Offsett, M8) : Absolutly spot on the summer vibe starts here. Quality house music for the people who know. This is the best record I’ve heard for ages. Will review for M8. Chart 1
- Dean Facer (Various/Worldwide) : This is set to be huge in Ibiza, very nice track anyway. Lots of support so far. Radio play ME on FM - Czecki. Chart10
- Danny Hird (Various/World) : Awesome as ever from this label, bloody love this !!! 9/10 Chart 1
- Mark (Liquid/ Tokyo) : radio play Floorfillers, 8/10
- Mark Gowdie (G’S/Mondo/Pivo/North/Cooler) : A crowd teaser, this is funky house as it should be, builds and sllides, but rumbles along, simply teasing you. All the trimmings are there piano, balearic vocal etc. Fantastic ! 9/10.
- Matt Ross (Detox/Heaven/Shadow Lounge/The Cross) : This is great and is gonna be massive. Funky and uplifting its got summer hit written all over it. The next Lola’s theme I think. Everytime I play this its already getting big reactions on the floor. We like. 10/10 Chart 1.
- Matt Meehan (Various/Cool Cuts) : My tune of the week. Big summer / commercial vibes will make this a big tune. Big, uplifting stuff. Cool cuts n° 4.
- Pete Bromley (Golden/Ace/Van) : Really like the strings, this is one that gets right in your head. 9/10 Chart 6.
- Jimm Shaft Ryan (Miss Moneypenny’s worldwide Chuff Chuff) : excellent. 9/10 Chart n° 1.
- Lay (Maisen) : A few good tools mean this must be in the box for a while. Original is great but more for home or bar than clubs. Good strings.
- Richard Scanes (Phobnix/Trax) : Strong funky pop sound. Certainly will sell well in Trax. 8/10 Chart n° 4.
- Lisa Littlewood (Room at the Top/Trash/Fubar/Be-Lo) : A real grower, suts so well with all the biggies of the moment. 9/10 Chart n° 5
- Joel Xavier : Tasty 12 thats gonna get loads a plays ! Hype charted number 7.
- Scott Mac (Various/UK/nl/int) : Where my towel and swimsuit, get this on ya system and watch the treats come running round the old pool cor blimey n all that ... cracking stuff. 9/10 Chart 10
- Paul Mendez (Backlash/Rosies/Universe) : Very good track indeed that works for me. Chart 19
- Gavin White (The Cross/Pacha/Neighbourhood) : a big record, up at the top with Shapeshifter, a vocal might swing this upwards, good good vibes !! 9/10 Chart 11.
- Kevin McFarlane (Trash/Glasgow) : Best mix A1, very catchy tune, really growing on me, big time. Chart 1
- Peze Snooden (La Lea/Insomnia) : Dam fine house music – plays on my show and in my clubs in coming weeks. 9/10
- David Piccioni (Black Market/Vertigo) : B1 is the one for me. 7/10
- Tom Wainwright : Have tried hard to get with this but can’t quite manage it.
- Jason Herd (2Risque/Blend) : This track is doing big things for me. 9/10 Chart 3
- Miguel Pellitero (Fabric/The Cross) : Not really into this, but the tools are usefull.
- Chris Barling (Moray Firth Radio/Various) : This is going to take off in the next couple of weeks with a few more plays, will get full set of plays over this weekend, 8/10
- Robjay : Massive track, this is o huge its untrue, top sample vox, lovin it !!
- Danidla Davoli : very nice, playing it !!
- Adam H (Honey Club) : Fantastic, tune of the week Fridays show, all over this for saturdays show as well , brilliant. 9/10 Chart 6
- Per QX (Salvation/Pacha/Heaven) : 7/10 Nice.
- Paul Hilyer (Cream / Honey Club) : A useful EP, good stuff. Radio play ME – Southern FM. Chart 11
- Mike Monday (playtime@Egg/Various/Hype) : Euphoric hands in the air A-side and grooby B-side. Strong package. Chart 16
- Dean Savonne (Release the Groove) : Getting a good response, building nicely.
- Mike Shawe (Bangbang/river/park) : pleasant sampled houser, nothing ground breaking here, though its well executed as with all C-Mos stuff
- Nico De Ceglia (Aka/The End/Turnmills) : B1 is OK.


Graphic051 : C-MOS (Quando Amor / Beatmuzik)

(promoted by FourFourPromotions)

Reviews :

TTR Magazine, September
“Olivier abbeloos aka conga squad, inferno, t99 once again does it in style. Personally I think that holographic have been unstoppable over the last few years. Quando Amor which means” love poems” struts its stuff in a tribalish latin disco fashion with its filtered affects and phat bass line. This will definitely shake the floor up, on the flip comes through that classic c-mos disco sound entitled Beatmuzik. It’s a low slung kind of groove for the smoother floors and bars. Once again the Belgium label give us a slab of gold.” Marco Smith, 9/10


Blues & Soul, Issue #925
“Holographic is now up to it's 51st release and the fact that you could probably count the number of bad releases on one hand, should tell you to hunt this down. As with quite a few of their recent releases, this contains two tracks so if the first cut doesn't tickle your fancy the second one usually will. The first track is solid enough and contains a deep bass and some spaced-out brass, but flip the record over and you'll find the real gem. 'Beatmuzik' is a dubby, disco flecked workout that uses some very good vocal samples over a subtle disco groove. Excellent stuff and here's to the next 50! Curtis Zack, 4/5

Blues & Soul, Issue #925
“Not as effective is C-Mos "Quando Amor" new on Holographic, and best on this Olivier Abbeloos doubleheader set is the horn-fuelled Dub of "Beatmuzik".” Nicky Trax


Reactions gr051 - C-Mos - Quando amor / Beatmuzik
DJ Mannix – 10/10 “I reckon Quando Amor is his best track yet as he shows that it’s not only about filtered disco gems, this man has got music in the heart. Great track – in the box!”
Dean Facer – 9/10 “Nice solid grooves, in the chart.”
Marco Smith – “Went down well at the club and the after party and the after after party.”
Paul Hillyer – 7/10 “Beatmuzik is the one for me. Good reactions all round and on the shows.”
Dave Piccioni – 8/10 “Like Quando Amor a lot. Will play regularly.”
G-Club – 7/10 “Nice record.”
Howard K (Nova FM) – 8/10 “Excellent latin drving bassline. Dubby latin sound really appeals to me, although would be interested to hear what the track would be like with a strong vocal.”
DJ Reza – 9/10 “Both tracks are hot, quando amor just edges it, sure to get a caining from me, cool!”
Ray Roc – “Quando Amor is a good builder latin track for the summer. Beatmuzik is a nice jazzy disco groove but I’m not feeling it as much as the latin one.”
Tom Wainwright – 6/10 “Not up to C-Mos’ usual high standards for me. Sorry.”
DJ PC – 7/10 “More quality latino vibes.”
M8 Editor – “A side great peak time floor mayhem, not that into B side.”
Marc Roberts – 8/10 “Quando Amor is really doing the biz at the mo. Crowd reactions are awesome. The drop is the bollocks. Beatmuzik is more of a filler track but seems to keep the groove going on the floor.”
Curtis Zack – 8/10 “Olivier Abbeloos just gets better & better – another Holographic release I'll be hammering!”
Kris Keegan – “Usual energetic quality that is rocking my boat already.”
DJ Bern – “What a cool tune. I’m playing this to death in the clubs cool groove.”
Mike Monday – 7/10 “Favourite on this is Beatmuzik which is a solid discotastic cut. To my ears possibly the "Beat" sounds a little too loud compared to the "muzik". But still getting plays from me.”
Mark Robinson (Peppermint Jam) – “Not as large as EPOS but still a quality Latino vibed track. Will support.”
Mark Knight – 7/10 “Like the Beatmuzik track. Not sure if I would get the chance to play it. Cool little record though.”
Spencer Parker – “Not for me. Sorry.”
Lewis Dene – 6/10 “Not sold on the Latin A side, but the flip’s disco feel is chunkier for me.”
Nico De Ceglia – 5/10 “Not that sure about it.”
Mark Hogg (The Slammin Boys) – 8/10 “A little cheeky disco affair. Love it!”



Graphic050 : Conga Squad (Marrakech / Elle aime)

(promoted by FourFourPromotions)


M8, July Issue #184 Ed’s Top 5
"Two tracks to choose from here, courtesy of this reliable label. 'Elle Aime' has a sweet vocal going through it, and sounds very like MAW's 'Backfired'. 'Marrakech' is a tougher track that's great for those peak time moments." Kevin McFarlane

DJ Magazine, Issue #369
 Hype Chart #55


Blues & Soul, Issue #923
"Belgian label owner Olivier Abbeloos is the man behind Conga Squad and boy what a beauty is this. "Marrakech" is a chunky tribal track revolving around guitar hook, anthemic strings and brass which is of filmscore quality. "Elle Aime" in Extended Vocal guise is awesome with freestyling vocals akin to MAW 's "Backfired" which expands into the "give it to me" chorus which works wonders over the amazing hook. The Dub boasts even more upbeat chunkiness and is a true winner. " Mark Moore, 5/5
 “Marrakech/Elle Aime” are the dark n then filtering Ibiza-styled swingers from Conga Squad aka Belgium’s Olivier Abbeloos and new on Holographic.”

Blues & Soul
 “Marrakech/Elle Aime” are the dark n then filtering Ibiza-styled swingers from Conga Squad aka Belgium’s Olivier
MixMag review expected.
IDJ review expected.

Reactions gr050 - Conga Squad - Marrakech / Elle aime :
Alan Thompson – “Conga Squad coming up with the goods yet again. This rocked for me on first play. Accapella very useful too..”
Ricky Morrison – 8/10 “It’s in my box, on the air, and in my chart! Fave mix is the dub of elle aime. A lovely little peak time summer shaker. I like this!”
Les Calvert – 7/10 “Superb, dark and chunky disco. Played it on my show last weekend.”
Nick Bridges – 8/10 “Wicked vocal hook, driving tracky disco, love it.”
M8 Ed – “Really enjoying both sides, in my Ed top 5.”
Dean Facer – 9/10 “Yet more Belgian quality, thanks.”
Mark Westhenry – 8/10 “Uplifting!”
Craig Bartlett – 5/10 “A bit too much for me – sorry.”
Mark Anthony – 8/10 “My dance floor instantly warmed to this.”
Cricco Castelli – 8.5/10 “It’s a big track for the dancefloor.”
Mixmag – “This Marrakech track is wicked, like the breakdown.”
DJ Bern – 8/10 “Marrakech cool pumpin disco/latin house! Big dance floor friendly drops and builds worked well on weekend. Extended vocal, Nice smooth rolling groove, gave this a good work out sun /mon works well.”
Mark Hogg – 8/10 “Getting Maximum club support from The Slammin Boys, top stuff.”
Dave Clarke (Galaxy) – 7/10 "Becoming a very reliable label and act. Like this very much."
The Beginerz – 8/10 “Really like this. Slightly sinister but with loads of funk.”
Warren Clarke – 8/10 “Great stuff!”
Blackmarket – 8/10 “A1 good for us.”
Jack N Daniels – 10/10 “3 top mixes here but for me it’s the extended vocal that rocks!”
Umberto Giannini (MOS Radio) – 9/10 “Another quality release. The dogs bollocks!”
Silky (Dusted, Middlesborough) – 9/10 “Nice soulful yet chunky house! Goes down well. Definitely support!”
AJ (Galaxy) – 8/10 “Masssive track for me at the weekend and will play it on the show this week.”
Geoff M – 6/10 “Quite nice. Good groove and will work OK for me.”
Greg Fenton – 6/10 “Extended vocal mix for me.”


Graphic049 : Gold Bumpers (Vol. 1) - The long life archiving EP

(promoted by FourFourPromotions)


“This is probably one of the funkier releases from Holographic to date. ‘Hell Yeah’ is a rousing disco anthem with a crazy trumpet riding over the top and crowd effects to add to the atmosphere. The more driving track on the flip, ‘Feels So Good’, retains the funkiness of the A-side, but the beats are tougher.” Kris Keegan, 8/8

Issue #362
"Belgium’s one-man party house music machine is back, and this time he’s brought a jazz band with him. It’s the same craziness as before but it sounds like he’s rocking a Rat Pack revival night in a Harlem disco on ‘Hell Yeah’. The production is excellent and you’d swear he had the orchestra at his disposal. ‘Feels So Good’ is more typical 70s, string laden sample stock, but the energy is right up there and any frown will be turned upside down. Honest fun, as usual." James Kendall, 3.5/5

Issue #915
"Leading the way for Belgian house long before the likes of Junior Jack, Olivier Abbellos has always had a knack for producing tracks that work well on the floor and here he gives us another fine example as he supplies two cuts containing tons of funk backed up by some quality production. Out of the two, "Feels So Good" is probably the stronger with its disco loops and heavy 70’s vibe, but both tracks are equally playable and are another excellent addition to the Holographic discography." Curtis Zack, 5/5


Issue #270
"From the always-consistent Belgium disco don Abbeloos Olivier (Conga Squad and C-Mos) comes a new alias, although the grooves are still edifyingly funky. Mixing a touch of preacher dialogue, soulful backing vocals that wouldn’t sound outta place coming from the mouth of Gwen McCrae, and a backbeat so damn nasty that it could easily have been borrowed from key exponents of the ‘70s disco-funk era. The party vibe continues on ‘Feels So Good’ that nods in the direction of Bob Sinclar’s ‘I Feel For You’." Lewis Dene, 4/5


The Web Sessions
"More house madness courtesy of our friends from Belgium who not content with flooding our clubs with the rocket powered lager they call “stella” they are now providing us with the same ingredient in house music.” say yeah” has done so much damage on my floors with its 70’s disco influenced baseline and sax rifts while “feels so good” on the b side takes us on a piano driven ride into the feel good factor. Did someone say the “love boat”? Ki Creighton

Reactions gr049 - Gold Bumpers - Hell Yeah - Feels so good

HMV Head Office – 8/10 "Every track on this label is a dancefloor monster! Two more uplifting gems. Thank you Mr Abbeloos!"
Frankie Knuckles "One of my favourite tracks at the moment!"
DJ Vitamin D - 8/10 "Hell Yeah is a full on party groove. Crowd loves it. Will be playing this all summer!"
Brickhouse "Good productions, we like both tracks."
Pound Boys 9/10 - "Love both songs - you have our full support on both!!!"
CZR "You have my support on the ‘Feel So Good’ track, for sure."
Stonebridge : Really like it - Big disco track for the summer!
Matteo Esse - 6/10 "Nothing I_m going crazy for but a nice two tracker
inspired by the disco though."
Davidson Ospina "Feel So Good" ...Love the track...funky record
and sounds great in the club!!"
Dean Facer "A very uplifting peaktime double A side from Belgium's Holographic stable that will definitely do nicely in the Miami sunshine."
Mix2inside "Really Great !!"
DJ Dan : It's sick! I will play it in Montreal this weekend!
Mel Cunningham – 10/10 "There’s not much disco edged stuff around at the moment and this really works. Loads of energy. Great dancefloor track. Should do very well going in to the summer."
Seamus Haji – "I’m feelin ‘Feels So Good’."
Redsoul – 9/10 "High quality disco houser. Another fine 12" from the Belgian Crew!"
2 Funky – 8/10 "Firing disco cut. Love the strings BIG tune for me."
Dave Clarke, Galaxy 102.2FM "Good tune - quality label. Couple of airplays on this a guarantee."
Danny Hird – 7.5/10 "Bloody brilliant, rocked Déjà Vu on Saturday, Holographic can do no wrong!!!"
Dan Berry – 8/10 "Played it out on Saturday and got a really good response especially the ‘Hell Yeah’ track. Went down really well."
Curtis Zack – 10/10 "Two massive cuts – ‘Feel So Good’ is in my opinion the best instrumental since Groovejet!!!"
Norman Jay – "I play the original ‘Players Retreat’ that the main hook was taken from so this EP will work great with my crowds. Nice one!"
Mark Knight – 6/10 "Works early doors for me."
Rob Cockerton – 9/10 "Look forward in anticipation every time this label comes along. Perfect peak time fodder."
Tuttomatto – 9/10 "Hell Yeah is very nice. Love it. Play it. More please!!!"
Mark Anthony – 8/10 "Two full on wicked club grooves with more uplift than a Wonderbra. Essential!"
Ki Creighton – 9/10 "Hell Yeah got all the props at the weekend. Really feeling it!"
Ewen MacNeil – 7/10 "Feels so good wins over Hell Yeah as it is a little more driving. Will get played but in our lighter sets."
Goldie, Blackmarket Records – 7/10 "Feels so good for me. Always well produced."
Lewis Dene – 8.5/10 "Sexy feel good disco."
CJ Mackintosh – 8/10 "That feels so good!"
Craig Bartlett – 6/10 "Hell Yeah for me."
City Sounds "Good funky flavours."
Graeme Park – 9/10 "Goodness me! ‘Feels So Good’ is fantastic! It went right off last night when I dropped this in Manchester."
Ki Creighton – "Love the track! Will give it the treatment!"


Graphic048 : Conga Squad - Gotta have ya

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“Of all his aliases - and there are many - we like T99 man Olivier Abbeloos’ don’t-give-a-toss-about-cool C-Mos. But some of that craziness rubs off on his Conga Squad stuff too, and the manic percussion always gets the floor moving. Throwing a rough-around-the-edges disco sample into the mix, the energy certainly flows as the diva vocal warbles on top. It should be everything that’s bad about cheap house music, but there’s always a charm to Abbeloos’ productions that has kept him popular for the last 14 years” James Kendall

“Belgium’s Olivier Abbeloos, AKA C-Mos, returns in his Conga Squad guise with an uplifting piece of disco house that’s dripping in Philly strings and liberally splattered with, yes, congas. The female vocal does the job and it’ll work on the floor, even if it’s not the most adventurous release of the month. 4/5” Russell Deeks


Dumfries & Galloway Observer &
"File this under the "full on peak time monster" category. Produced by Olivier abbeloos who many will know as c-mos and warp factor one. The track is broken down over a vocal edit an instrumental and a very handy vocal tool. Its heavy on the percussion with string sections violins and trumpet solos, the baseline really pumps the track up making an all together mighty fine ride for the dancefloor."


Reactions gr048 - Conga Squad - Gotta have ya :

Mateo Esse – 7/10 "A nice indeed feel good vibe tune featuring a foxy disco loop along with a catchy vocal loop. Phat one!"
HMV HO – 9/10 "Far and away the best thing Mr Abbeloos has ever done, to these ears!! Killer!!!"
The Beginnerz – 7/10 "Really like this, it has been really growing on my and my audiences."
Kris Keegan – 8/10 "Nice tune for the club. Very chunky. Will sell well."
Black Market – 7/10 "A1 for us."
Ki Creighton – 9/10 "Big for me @ Lucid, Refine & Circus. A1 hits home!"
Danny Hird – 9/10 "Blummin brilliant!!"
Dean Facer – 9+/10 "Very nice. Working very well!"
2 Funky (Serious) – 5/10 "Unlike other Holographic, this one didn’t work for me on first play out."
Nicky Trax – 8/10 "Excellent groove."
Curtis Zack – 7/10 "Another good peak time track from Conga Squad"
M8 Editor "fantastic tune, just rips the dancefloor, can't stop smiling throughout it"
Niall Redmond – 8/10 "Very cool track out of Belgium. Peak time no messing around type track that cuts to the chase and draws you in with it's energy.Will be playing this for a while both on radio and in clubs.Good Job from Conga Squad"
Michael Black "No nonsense funky disco with a feel good horn hook and plenty of energy to keep peaktime dancefloors pumping."
Mark Luvdup – 8/10 "Yet another high quality outing for Cmos. Still hammering the last one to rapturous attention!!"
Ken Fan – 8/10 "Definitely the mix without the vocal. The vocal seems to dilute the vibe for me."
Jack N Daniels – 10/10 "Don’t even need to play this out to realise how good it is. Vocal mix is right up my street and will rock many a floor!"
Alan Thompson – 10/10 "Rocks da floor big time."
Mikey Gallagher – 8/10 "Another storming release from Holographic. Conga squad never fails to please. Great response from the radio listeners on few few plays and big response in the clubs! Very useful record."
Simon Aston – 7/10
Jim Ryan (Moneypenny’s) - 8/10 "Great mixes great track will get my full attention"
Chris Samba – 8/10 "WORKS THE CROWD NICELY!"
Greg Fenton – 6/10
Michael Black – 8/10 "A well produced peak-time party stomper!!"
CJ Mackintosh – 6/10 "Growing on me.."
Catapult – 8/10 "Great dancefloor track. The extra filtering etc has worked well for the club mix. Will definitely be stocking and charting."
Franco Martinelli – 8/10 "Quite good, even if not so different from other tracks in this style except for some rhythmic solutions. Works well on the dancefloor and is well produced,"
Audiowhores – 8/10 "The last track from Conga Squad was more our bag, but this is sure to get some peaktime plays. In the box."
Nik Massive – 8/10 "Peak time hands on the in disco cuts like these never fail to work."
Russell Pollitt – 10/10 "Peak time punchy house whioch is certain to put any crown in a frenzy! Olivier has done it again!!"
Reza – 9/10 "The most consistent producer around at the moment, wicked! Took the roof off at déjà vu on Saturday."
Uberdisko – 10/10 "After such an impressive year for Holographic in 03 they come back at us with an absolute floor destroyer. Played this at Flaunt in Edinburgh and it toor the floor apart. 100% behind this, excellent."
Dean Facer "Belgium's Holographic label return this time with a cracking peaktime floor filler from Conga Squad, huge for me so far and certainly well worth tracking down....."
Billy Woods – 7/10 "A tad commercial for me personally, but will do very well in the shop!!"
Tuttomatto – 9/10 "B2 vocal is a floor filler & it is a perfect 12" for my people. House with disco strings is one of my favourite genres. The instrumental also rocks!!Fantastic!!"


Graphic047 : C-Mos - Hot summer nights

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"Hot Summer nights and I’m feeling all right, we’ve got the time tonight!" sings Mamidoo in this upbeat Latin monster a la Cada Vez. The Hot Summer Peaking Dub boasts a great anthemic brass riff with staccato keys which builds incredibly massaging the live samba rhythm. Dominique Ntoumos’ trumpet and Pollux’s guitar boosts C-Mos’ - aka Olivier Abbeloos - arrangement. "Long Hot Summer Nights" is a remix which is even more dancefloor friendly highlighting the vocal and the "Short Hot Summer Nights" version is an energetic carnival foray. Perfect fodder for the party season. 4/5" Mark Moore


 "Bang! Crash! C-Mos is back!! The man who just doesn't know when to stop returns and as always, things are lively. But that doesn't mean this is the usual C-Mos kitchen sink overload - 'Hot Summer Nights' is a little more restrained. With trumpets parping left, right & centre there's still loads going on in this disco throwback to the 70s, but although the track has plenty of layers, most of the attention is split between the female vocal and filtered groove. The horn-centric dub works best though for a piece of honest party music that knows its job." James Kendall 

 "C-Mos headed up by Olivier Abbeloos delivers the latino treat “Hot Summer Nights” and although not the season, it’s warm n funky on Holographic with 2 great Dubs to choose from."Bobby & Steve “Definitely feeling it, a good groove, and great for dance floor prime time madness.....”

Reactions gr047 - C-Mos - Hot summer nights :

Geoff Sole – 7/10 "Very nice. Would have liked it in June though…"
Kareem (Galaxy) – 10/10 "Front of my box! Peak tune!"
Sir Piers – "This is a nice record. It's growing on me and the crowd with each play."
Alan Thompson – 9/10 "A wicked follow up to Jazz Latino, C-Mos keeping the summer vibe alive with this awesome track. Rocked big time on first play."
Dave Lynam (House FM) "Liking the horns, its very well made. Played on House FM."
Jack n Daniels – 10/10 "Peaking dub is excellent. Love the guitar!! Thanks."
CJ Mackintosh "Sorry, not really feeling this one."
Mikey (MoS Radio) – 9/10 "Wicked."
Mark Luvdup – 9/10 "This guy can do no wrong in my eyes! Great positive stuff!!"
DJ Mannix – 7/10 "Next big track outta Belgium, seems like Olivier is getting more soulful lately, the Dub however does the bizz, Accapella is useful too! In my bag!"
Jack & Daniels "Absolutely love the peaking dub and this rocked Lincoln and Maidstone."
ATFC "Pretty cool – not as immediate as the last one but good all the same."
Bobby Zoo "Definitely feeling it, a good groove, and great for dance floor prime time madness....."
Ben Watt – 8/10 "yes, straightforward and simple dancefloor business. very likeable. Works well. will spin."
Paul Farris - "Love it. In the box."
Gerald Gclub "Not feeling this one."
2 Funky – 8/10 "Find the vocals a bit fluffy, but the song flows well on the dancefloor. Another good C-MoS tune."
Craig L’America – 7/10 "A1."
Slammin Boys – 8/10 "Ahh summertime. Excellent."
Dave Galaxy – 7/10 "I could have given this tune (and their last one) so much more exposure earlier in the season. Lovely warm house music, but it's just too damn cold for it!"
M8 Ed "Love A1 and B1. The vocal mix is slightly cheesy (?) but it still works well."
Nick Bridges – 7/10 "a little deep but like it, tasty and sexy. not top 10 but will get a caning!"
Greg Update – 7/10 "Like the dub."
Liquid People – 6/10
Curtis Zack – 7/10 "More quality soulful grooves."
HMV HO – 8/10 "Killer!! Shame its winter?!"
Lewis Dene – 8/10 "Despite feeling very summersy, this should still do very well. A great production."
Tom Wainright – 7/10 "Best big room disco loop records for quite a while. Let down only slightly by the vocal."
Audiowhores – 9/10 "Wasn’t sure at first but this is an infectious riff – real hands in the air appeal."
Mark Westhenry (Fiction) – 7/10 "Nice tune!!"
Danny Hird – 9/10 "Blummin massive for me. Love it!!"
Gavin (Serious) – 9/10 "Quality buggin Latin house. Proper dancefloor material. Excellent!!"
Nico de Ceglia – 7/10 "Hot."
Hardsoul – 8/10 "Good stuff again!!"
Nik (Massive) – 8/10 "Feel good funky vibes samba style."
Clemy Rilley – 8/10 "Great latin house music lives on! Only got it on Friday morning, so no time to club road test it yet, but played on my show on Friday night. Sounds good feels good! Well constructed floor filler in the making."
Craig Woodrow (DJ Mag) "Liking this one...just take me somewhere hot please????!!!!"
Cricco Castelli – 8/10 "It sounds a bit ‘bucketheads’ ish, which is cool. I like it – it works real well!!"
Harj – 7/10 "Quality well produced Latin vibes."


Graphic046 : Conga Squad - Keep on moving

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 "A few week’s ago I penned a review of the last Holographic release and noted how they are on a bit of a roll at the moment. Well, onwards and upwards as another essential cut appears on the label. Using a rather large disco sample as support, the female vocalist urges you to “Keep On Movin”, and it’s pretty hard not to oblige as the groove takes control and the disco flavours kick in. The other side contains an alternative mix that contains the same sample, but its appearance is masked by a some jazzy keys and as a result loses some of its impact. 4/5" Curtis Zack


"We like a bit of Abbeloos 'C-Mos' Olivier because with his over the top kitchen sink party epics he sounds like he doesn't give a shanved monkeys ballbag whether people think he's cheesy or not. Here he settles things right down though with a jazz-tinged, sexy groover that's still got way too much going on for most records. The vocals for Mamidoo are sultry enough to find their way through the layers of percussion and brass for a record that could easily appear in all manner of sets. 4/5" James Kendall


"This is a classy discofied number that references that much-abused genre in only the most respectful way - it's there in the b-line, drums, keys and horns, but doesn't go over the top and caps it with a very nice french female vocal. The production is excellent and warm and the dub is especially tasty. Overall it's a good early/mid set selection for us funky, funky people." David Dunne

"Conga Squad is actually Belgium's Abbeloos Olivier, best known under his C-MOS guise. Here he turns in a swirly disco-house number with a female vocal that's half in French, half in English, coming in two mixes (one full vocal, one using only snippets). It's not a world-beater but it'll keep 'em moving. Ha ha." Russell Deeks

Reactions gr046 - Conga Squad - Keep on moving

Kareem (Galaxy NE) – 10/10 "Top class house. Love it!!"
DJ Mannix – 8/10 More soulful than his latest C-Mos attempts, good warm groove and nice voice!!
Kevin McFarlane (M8) "Best mix A - real good tune, working very well"
RLP (Radio Paris) – 8/10 "Playlisted on my radio show."
Craig Daniel (Trax) – 9/10 "Working well for me."
Liquid People – 7/10 "Well produced"
Curtis Zack – 9/10 "Holographic on a massive roll - excellent!!"
Matteo Esse - I have been playing that track since when I got it on cd. It’s warm and sexy and I’m feeling its cool Latin disco appeal.
2 Funky (Serious) – 7/10 "Dub is nice and goes down well."
CJ Mackintosh – 9/10 "Loving it, loving it, loving it."
MYNC Project/Credence "Loving both sides."
Catapult (Cardiff) 8/10 "Its growing on me the more I hear it. Nice groove, a solid seller."
Kiko Navarro (Pacha) 7/10 "The best Conga Squad production at the moment, it works very well at the floor, both sides are floorfillers"
Dave Clarke (Galaxy) 7/10 "Simple yet effective house music that works the floor and the airwaves well."
Santiago Soul "Peak time latin action,always raise's the roof!"
Audiowhores – 9/10 "Dig the groove & vocal compliments it well. Big plays from us."
Cricco Castelli – 7/10 "Nice funky trax. Tailor-made for the modern dancefloor."
Danny Hird – 8/10 "Brilliant, as usual. Holographic consistently churning out quality, this is tops, once again, full support!!"
Craig Bartlett – 8/10 "This does it for me."
Al Mackenzie – 8/10 "TOP DRAWER STUFF. ONE FOR THE BOX."
Bern (Escape, Swansea) – 8/10 "Very nice tune, nice classy piece of house! "
Danny Rampling – 9/10 "Like this one! Great soulful vibe!!"
Mark Luvdup – 7.5/10 "A nice and easy dancefloor smash!"
Dave Jervis (Banquet Records) 7/10 "Cool! Its grown on me!"
Craig Jensen – 7/10 "Warm little groove!!"
Soy Mustafa – 8/10 "Both mixes work. Playing the dub."
Nik Gillett (Massive/Godskitchen) – 8/10 "Quality sexy vibes with a twist of disco. Top!!!"
Black Market – 7/10 "Only dub for me."
Bern (Escape) 8/10 "What a class tune! TOP! I like this nice groove! A well produced piece of smooth disco house, both mixes are strong but the club mix with its sexy vocal vibe does it for me, and i think it will be the one for the floor! Will be supporting this one MAX !!!
Dave Wareing (Redsoul) "Just listening to the Conga Squad you sent today, ouch! How good is that????"
DJ Mannix "This is more soulful than the last C-Mos track...lovely vocals, strong beats outta Belgium!!"


Graphic045 : C-Mos - Jazz Latino / Roof Party

(promoted by FourFourPromotions)

Reactions gr045 - C-Mos - Jazz Latino - Roof Party

HMV H/O – 7/10 "Solid club tracks. Better than average"
Uptown Records – 7/10 " Both trax are solid 4 sumer and should do well. Jazz Latino is the stronger one for me"
Black Market – 8/10 "A1 I Like.."
Massive Records – 9/10 Awesome 2 tracker – liking the atmosphere into on Jazz Latino."
Banquet Records – 9/10 "Jazz Latino rocks the floor for me!"
CJ Mackintosh – 7/10 "Oooh, cheeky. Pref Jazz Latino"
Tom Wainright (Shindig) "Got the Shindig seal of approval, big time"
Russ Morgan (K Klass) – 9/10 "Jazz Latino rockin the floor. C-Mos doing what he does best – club fuelled bombs!"
Alan Thompson (DTPM/Defected) – 8/10 "One for the Ibiza posse!! Definitely hear this @ Space Terrace. Rocked all weekend!!"
ATFC – 8/10 "Solid stuff"
Cricco Castelli – 9/10 "Get a glass of wine, close your eyes. Voila! You’re in Acapulco!”
Slammin Boys – 8/10 "Massive!! Top notch!!"
Harri (Sub Club) – 8/10 "Both sides usable"
Dave Clarke (Galaxy) – 9.5/10 "Perfect for 'The Afterhours'. Oozes class and sophistication."
Conan Liquid People – 7/10 "Nice,well produced track for the summer months."
Matteo Esse – 7/10 "A pumpy latin influenced jazzy house track and a soulful funky house groove on the flip... Nice indeed two tracker!"
Simon Aston – 8/10 "Production is phat. Maybe vocal would have added an extra dimension, but definitely solid."
Tom Wainwright – 7/10
Matteo Esse "Subliminal and Junior fame C-Mos delivers a pumpy latin influenced jazzy house track and a soulful funky house groove!"
Mark Westhenry (Fiction) – 8/10 "Love it!!"
Dj Mannix (Whipped Creem) "Another wicked two-tracker from Mr. Conga Squad..both tracks R really wicked!!"
Iain Thomson – 8/10 "Jazz Latino – dig the Cuban heels. Its salsa time! Roof Party – loving the retro disco vibe."
Danny Hird – 8/10 "Both sides are very good. C-Mos never fails to impress me."
Tom Wainwright – "More Belgian business!!"
Lewis Dene – 6/10 "Like the 80s vibe of Roof Party best. Real old school.
Kev Hill – 7/10 "Not quite as infectious as some of their past releases but still good. In the box and in the show later tonight."
Graeme Park – 7/10 "Jazz Latino" builds nicely and could be useful in clubland. "Roof Party" is nice, if rather non-descript."
Kiko Navarro (Ibiza) – 7/10